L’Organisation Pour l’Eau et la Nature (OPEN) is an association under the French law of 1901 which was born from these multiple observations, with a unique problem: how to preserve the harmony between man and nature and then reconcile wastewater treatment and respect of biodiversity

It is based on the advanced research of Bamboo For Life, which benefits from its knowledge and expertise in phytoremediation

Our approach

By spreading our knowledge, we aim to generate employment in a wide range of sectors: agriculture, bamboo development (textile fiber, crafts, wood and construction industry …), fight against deforestation, access to sanitation and biodiversity

OPEN wishes to raise awareness and remind national and local, centralized and decentralized authorities that they have an opportunity to help developing countries through aid mechanisms (up to 1% of their budget allocated to international solidarity, emergency aid and decentralized cooperation actions in the fields of water and sanitation)