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With your financial support, Open will be able to act to preserve and protect the planet. Voluntary or regular donations are essential for future development and the development of new projects.

By donating to OPEN, you can contribute to the UN right to water and sanitation

  • Contribute to the UN right of access to water and sanitation

  • Promoting access to clean water in developing countries

  • Acting on the reduction of water-related diseases and mortali

  • To allow the establishment of wastewater treatment plants in disadvantaged areas

  • Financing reforestation

  • Strengthening the essential biodiversity

  • Sign up for a project in a sustainable development
  • Make an impact by associating yourself with a public health operation

  • Communicating your environmental commitment

  • Changing from polluter-payer to polluter-actor

  • Take advantage of a carbon credit really sequestered by bamboos

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